PSA: Stealing My Stories

Hey guys, once again I have a person copying my stories and posting them as their own! I cannot tell you how discouraging this is, nobody likes having their work stolen and this is the second time now.

You can find the site in question here, take a look at the stories “Little Brother”, “My Dad’s Age”, “Odd Shower” and “A Day In The Lab” all of which are simply reworded versions of my captionsĀ A Long Year, My Dad’s Age, After My Shower and Not A Bad Thing, even using theĀ exact same images I’ve used.

Look, you guys may not think this is a big deal. This is a fetish story blog after all but I don’t take kindly to people stealing my work. If this keeps happening I’ll have to remove all of the content from this blog for good.

So, to the people who keep stealing my stories - stop now, please.